Teach in Providence Public Schools

Rhode Island Teaching Fellows Program

The Rhode Island Teaching Fellows Program is a highly-selective teaching program designed to recruit and train outstanding, socially-driven recent college graudates who hope to make a difference in Rhode Island public education. Fellows will be placed in some of the state's highest-need public schools. Each year 25 Teaching Fellows are offered an alternative, accelerated route into teaching critical need subjects such as math, science, and English within urban school districts in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island Teaching Fellows Program is dedicated to preparing new teachers to be effective at closing the Achievement Gap in Rhode Island's highest need public schools.  

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Achievement First Teacher-in-Residence(TIR) Program

The TIR program provides a one-year pathway into a career as a teacher at Achievement First. During the course of a 12-month residency, teachers-in-residence receive high quality professional development, work alongside Achievement First teachers, and gain hands-on experience in the classroom through co-teaching and small group instruction. TIRs gain increasing responsibility for classroom instruction throughout the year, and successful TIRs end the year prepared to be lead teachers.

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Providence Public Schools

Providence Public Schools have a variety of teaching positions open for certified teachers. Individuals who have a teaching certification valid in the state of Rhode Island can apply directly to Providence Public Schools. 

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Teacher Certification and Master of Education | Providence College

Providence College provides an alternative path to secondary school certification and focuses on training teachers to succeed in diverse, urban classrooms. The Providence College Schools of Continuing Education and Professional Studies now offers a program in which aspiring teachers can receive a teachers certifcation and a Masters of Education in Urban Teaching [ M.Ed ].

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