Teach in Denver Public Schools

Denver Math or Literacy Fellows

The Denver math or literacy fellowship is a full-time year of service for recent college graduates from any major. Fellows build strong relationships with students to increase student engagement and achievement. Fellows use curriculum to build individualized lesson plans  and plan activities to fill academic gaps and support grade-level instruction. Fellows work with small groups of four or fewer students during the regular school day. Coordinators provide program-wide professional development and targeted individual coaching and development.


  • Secondary Mathematics

  • Secondary Literacy

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Average salary: $23,100 salary (plus healthcare)


  • Build strong relationships with students

  • Build individualized lesson plans to support instruction

  • Receive individualized coaching and support

  • Participate in program-wide professional development

  • Have the option to enroll in Relay Graduate School of Education

GT Alum Priority Deadline: January 15

Additional Deadlines: February 15 and April 19

STRIVE Prep Teacher Residency

STRIVE's paid teacher residency program allows aspiring teachers to enter the profession through a supportive and gradual on ramp. Residents receive mentoring and coaching and have access to learning resources and collaborative opportunities across the STRIVE network.

During both years of the program, Residents enroll as graduate students at the Relay Graduate School of Education (GSE) and upon the successful completion of the second year, will earn their Master’s of Arts in Teaching.

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Average Salary:

Costs: Residents receive ~ $28,500 in scholarship and Americorps rewards and pay less than $7,000 for their Master's. Federal financial aid is available to eligible Residents to help cover out of pocket expenses.

Quick Facts:

  • In year one, Residents learn from Resident Advisors, experienced STRIVE Prep teachers, while earning their Colorado Initial Teaching License.

  • In year two, Residents become full-time STRIVE Prep teachers and continue their education at Relay.

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UPrep Teaching Fellowship

UPrep’s paid one-year fellowship program allows aspiring teachers to enter the profession through a supportive and gradual on ramp. Fellows gain hands-on experience in a K-5 classroom, participate in school-wide professional development, lead instruction and receive frequent feedback and coaching, and receive support from a UPrep master teachers.

Average Salary:

Costs: Fellows receive ~ $30,000 plus benefits. UPrep covers the full cost of a Relay Masters (for two years if fellow remain in good standing with UPrep)

During their fellowship year, participants become a certified teachers in the state of CO. They have the potential of becoming a full-time teacher in year two.

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Routes to DPS for those without licensure (not GT Partners)

UCD Aspire to Teach

ASPIRE puts teaching careers within reach through high-quality, low-cost programs that offer on-the-job training while students earn a paycheck and teach full-time. Their high-tech, personalized, online program builds on individual strengths. Students participate in professional learning communities and receive one-on-one coaching from an Alternative Licensure Instructor with extensive classroom and field experience. ASPIRE uses advanced technologies and real-time video coaching. Students have the opportunity to earn graduate credits toward an MA in education through the University of Colorado Denver.


  • Apply to DPS at the same time you're applying for ASPIRE -- you will need to present an offer letter from an employer

  • Praxis Exam Scores

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ASPIRE Logo.png

Average salary: $38-43,000 is the average salary for new DPS teachers

Benefits: Health-care
Costs: $5,300 plus a $200 technology, text, and materials fee for the first year. Each additional year costs $2,000. 


  • Earn licensure and credits toward a Masters

  • Receive one-on-one coaching from Alternative Licensure Instructors (ALIs)

  • Fully online option available, offering high-tech and personalized programming

Deadline: Rolling Basis

DU Urban Teacher Fellowship

The University of Denver Morgridge College of Education (MCE) and Denver Public Schools (DPS) launched a pilot teacher education program aimed at placing highly trained educators in some of the most highly impacted schools in the Denver metro area. The UTF program will replace the existing Denver Teacher Residency (DTR) program.

The DPS Urban Teacher Fellowship (UTF) program will position selected teacher candidates in highly impacted schools and provide them with the support necessary to both learn and thrive. UTF students will receive their graduate training as part of the University of Denver (DU) Teacher Education Program, and will complete their one-year teacher residency in selected schools within DPS.

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Urban Teacher Fellowship Logo.png

Costs: ~$17,000 for a one year Master's in Curriculum and Instruction


  • One year residency in a DPS school (in the classroom four days a week)

  • Earn Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction and licensure through DU Teacher Education program (TEP)

  • Enroll in DU, then apply to be one of 15 UTF Fellows

  • Support provided by university field supervisors (informal every other week)

Deadline: April 16

Teach for America Launch Fellowship

The TFA-CO Launch Fellowship is a one-year leadership development program. Fellows are employed full-time as teachers-in-training alongside a mentor teacher at a DPS school; they participate in year one of a two-year Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program through Relay Graduate School of Education; and they participate in a cohort model to learn about long-term systems-level change in the Colorado education landscape. Fellows are highly encouraged to apply to TFA's two-year corps program following the Fellowship.

Quick Facts

  • Become a teacher-in-training alongside a mentor teacher at a DPS school

  • Receive systems-level leadership development

  • Participate in year one of two-year Masters of Arts in Teaching through Relay

  • After the fellowship year, potentially apply to join the TFA Corps, become a lead teacher in DPS, and complete year two of a Masters of Arts in Teaching through Relay


Average salary: $23,000-$30,000

Benefits: Vacation days, health benefits

Costs: $3,250 per year for two years for Relay Graduate School of Education Master's