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"When I started, I welcomed the opportunity to 'make a difference' in the lives of these young teachers. I had no idea how much the experience would change me. I have learned and grown so much."
- Teacher Coach 

Become a Generation Teach Partner

With the completion of your Summer Teaching Fellowship, you have already fulfilled one of the five actions of being an official GT Partner. Just like your support of our students, the other four commitments are vital to your ongoing experience with Generation Teach and the communities we serve. See below for more information about becoming a GT Partner.
A Generation Teach Partner:

1. TEACHES. Partners have invested 6-7 weeks in one of our four communities as Teaching Fellows. They join a network of over 180 fellows nationwide who are committed to growing and learning, and accelerating the growth and learning of their students and peers.

2. PROMOTES. You learned (and did) a lot this summer! Highlight your GT experience by including "Generation Teach Summer Teaching Fellow" in your résumé, in your CV, and/or in your professional biography or LinkedIn. You are the GT legacy. Telling others raises awareness and recognition of the valuable skills you gained throughout this immersive, intensive experience. Show them off by using this blurb here.
3. CONNECTS. We are a GT Family! Please respond to requests (reasonable ones, of course) from current fellows, alumni, and GT staff. There is no better way to express gratitude for what you have received than by sharing advice or offering a connection. Each time this happens, the GT network is strengthened and the lifelong designation of GT Alum gains deeper significance.
4. RECRUITS. Please help recruit future fellows to our important and critical work of strengthening local teacher pipelines. For potential recipients of the fellowship, no voice is more authentic than yours in representing the value of the GT experience. Our family is strengthened when we work with more individuals like you and referred by you!
5. INVESTS. We encourage you to invest your time, talents, and treasures. We appreciate your consideration of a gift (as small as one dollar!) on Giving Tuesday each year. You will receive this request in November.
Already, three of your peers have shared with us that we can count them in as Generation Teach Partners. We'd like to make that at least thirty by the end of the week.

Would you like to join them? If so, please visit this link and let us know—and thank you again for your loyal support!
With Love & Gratitude,
The GT Team