February '17



Why have you decided to teach with Match Education?

ERIN: I chose to be a part of Match for many reasons. After completing my summer at GT and entering my final year at CU Boulder, Match was the first place I wanted to apply. I knew on the day I interviewed that it was the best fit for me. I love Match's hands-on approach. During the interview, I worked with students, taught a lesson and received feedback, and was pushed outside my comfort zone to solve math equations. I was challenged, and I was inspired. Match provides the kind of challenge I need to improve as a future teacher. 

I'm so excited to take classes through the Charles Sposato Graduate School, to meet everyone at Match (faculty and students), and start my post-graduate teaching career. I know the classes will provide the support I need as I develop my teaching practice. 

What is your role?

ERIN: I've accepted a position to be a Match Teacher Resident at Match Middle School in Jamaica Plain, MA.

What are you most excited about?

ERIN: I'm excited to be a part of Match because the Match schools are achieving amazing things. I'm eager to learn from people who know how to close the achievement gap.

What did you learn during the interview process?

ERINThe Match Teacher Residency (MTR) interview was the most challenging interview I've experienced. I wasn't sitting across the table from someone and answering questions. I was teaching Match Middle School students a logic game, and I was observing/interacting with the students during their tutoring. I taught a lesson, and I was given feedback to implement on the spot. I also had to teach a math equation. It was unlike any other interview I've done in the best way. The way they conducted their interview was extremely smart, practical, and very telling of the way Match approaches learning.

What is your favorite memory from the summer?

ERIN: One memory that stands out the most is the night that the parents came in to meet with us. I was inspired to hear all of their hopes and dreams for their children, and I enjoyed learning more about the GT scholars. I was so touched after I left the school that night, I was almost tearing up!

Are you willing to be contacted by other GT alumni who are considering teaching at your school? 

Yes, most definitely! Email me at erin.guertin@colorado.edu.