November 2015


Kudos to Antoinette Garcia (Boston, '15). She recently accepted a position as an Associate Teacher with GT Partner Edward Brooke Charter School.

Can you tell us about the Associate Teacher role at Brooke and your scope of responsibilities?

AG: Associate Teachers participate in targeted professional development and co-planning sessions. I will slowly take on more and more classroom responsibilities as the year goes on. Associate Teachers also provide one-on-one tutoring, help with lesson planning and curriculum preparation, and ultimately lead their own classes and lessons. 
What subject(s) and grade level(s) will you be working with?  

AG: I am not sure what subject I will be working on to start or even the grade. In the next few days, I will learn which of the three locations I will be placed at. I'm excited to find out! 

What are you most excited about? 

AG: I am most excited to start building relationships and friendships with my co-workers and of course, excited to further develop the skills I need to become a better teacher and person. Also on that list is finding an apartment in Boston and generally being finished with my undergraduate studies! 

What's your favorite memory from this summer? 
AG: My favorite memory from this summer is dancing with my Health and Wellness Teaching Fellows and the vastly more talented kids in our periods and going on a spontaneous trip to Boston's Revere Beach! 

What did you learn from the job process? Were you asked to submit performance tasks, do a demo lessons, or have been asked unexpected questions? Do you have any tips/words of advice for your TF peers?

AG: On the day of my final school visit/interview, I was asked a question I wasn't prepared for. My answer had very little to do with teaching or education as a general topic, but instead a writing course at Wellesley that I did not do well in. The most important thing for me was finding a way to link my past experiences to the new opportunity ahead of me. While I did not study education (and still kind of wish I had), these past four years have prepared me in many other ways, and it was an important moment for me to recognize that. No matter what, I know I can rely on support from my family, friends, classmates, and Teaching Fellow peers!