Kudos to Brooklyn Batey (Denver, '15). She is a Resident Teacher with STRIVE Green Valley Ranch in Denver. Her mentor teacher is Brittney Cleark, Denver 2016 Dean.

Why have you decided to teach? 

BROOKLYN: I decided to teach because I am invested in educational equity. I get the opportunity to give my students the same, or an even better, education than I received regardless of their background. 

Why did you choose this program? 

BROOKLYN: I chose STRIVE because I saw an investment in and high expectations for the scholars and also honor and respect for the teachers. I chose to be a Resident Teacher because I won't be in a classroom by myself my first year. Instead, I'll be a "co-teacher," learning from a mentor teacher, gradually taking over responsibility while learning techniques and pedagogy, and receiving lots of feedback. The second year, I will have my own classroom as I finish up my graduate program. This is the first year of the Resident Teacher program so there's tons of support rallying around the residency cohort. 

What are you most excited about? 

BROOKLYN: I'm most excited about getting back into the classroom and sharing my passion with my students. Also, I'll be working with Ms. Jordan (Denver '15). Being able to collaborate with my best friend in an education setting for a second time is pretty awesome! 

What subject(s) and grade(s) are you teaching?
BROOKLYN: I will be teaching 8th grade ELA. 

What is your favorite memory from the summer?

BROOKLYN: My favorite memory is the final debate we had with my 6th-grade class. My students were so invested, eager, and passionate to participate, and it made me realize not only did they learn something from the summer, but I did too. 

What did you learn from the job process? Do you have any advice for others who may be entering the classroom soon?

BROOKLYN: The one thing I learned about the job process is to start it in advance. For each of the schools I applied to, I completed teaching demos and scheduling tasks. I also applied to Teach For America, which had a different process with a teaching demo and rounds of interviews. I was accepted to TFA but ultimately decided STRIVE was a better fit for me. Before I made my decision, I took time to really learn about each organization and ask specific questions to those inside and outside the org. This gave me a good understanding of the org values from multiple perspectives and helped me decide which would be the best fit for me. My advice to other GT alumni is to continue to ask for feedback in whatever you do. And whatever you do, do what you love.