Becoming an excellent teacher takes years.

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Becoming an excellent teacher takes years.

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Teach This Summer

Join the 2018 Generation Teach Summer Teaching Fellowship


Teach This Summer

Join the 2018 Generation Teach Summer Teaching Fellowship


1. You are an undergraduate or high-school student who shares our core values and our commitment to ending educational inequity. 

2. You value contributing to a diverse community of learners who challenge and support one another.

3. You want to invest your summer in the success of others. As a GT Summer Teaching Fellow, you will focus on your middle-school students - their experiences and their success.

4. You are eager to receive feedback and coaching to become the teacher your students deserve.


You believe all kids deserve teachers who share their experiences, backgrounds, and communities.

You may be committed to a career in education or you may want to try teaching. About 25% of GT fellows are majoring or minoring in education; the rest of you are figuring out if teaching is for you.

You want to have a highly structured, strongly mentored opportunity to decide whether to join or prepare for our most important profession.


1. Complete 2 weeks of training in identity, relationships, instructional practices, and content-area pedagogy while building a loving community of colleagues, practicing teaching, and preparing to meet your students. 

2. Teach middle-school math, engineering, reading, or social studies; design and teach fitness, language, humanities, or STEM electives; co-lead fun events and community meetings during our 4- or 5-week GT STEAM Academy.

3. Receive daily feedback and support from your Teacher Coach and a taxable scholarship to offset living costs. 

4. Join the GT Alumni Community and receive individual career counseling.



June 4 - July 20


June 18 - July 27


June 25 - August 10


June 25 - August 10

Local district and charter schools host our programs. You teach in the schools your students attend, in the neighborhoods where they live, in cities where you grew up or attend school, and in the communities you may choose to serve professionally. 


Applications are due February 5, March 5, April 5, or May 5. Fellowships fill quickly, so apply for the earliest possible deadline to increase your chances of teaching your first-choice academic subject in your first-choice city.


We review and respond to all applications within four weeks of each application deadline. You will receive either an interview invitation or a decision notification.


When you are a college senior, we provide individual career counseling and support through your job application process. All alumni are eligible to receive letters of recommendation, monthly alumni newsletters, and ongoing support, as requested.

Impact of Teachers

"Through this fellowship, I made lasting friendships. I grew as an educator and learned how to better serve my students. At GT, we grow as a family, and there is a huge sense of belonging. This fellowship has truly been rewarding!"

- Teaching Fellow


Impact of Teachers

"Through this fellowship, I made lasting friendships. I grew as an educator and learned how to better serve my students. At GT, we grow as a family, and there is a huge sense of belonging. This fellowship has truly been rewarding!"

- Teaching Fellow


No experience required! Your summer teaching fellowship will introduce you to the complex and intellectually demanding work of teaching. You will complete two weeks of full-time training, where you will create a community with your colleagues, deepen your understanding of yourself, develop lifelong strategies for building relationships with colleagues and students, learn core instructional strategies, and practice key teaching skills.

Your coach will observe your teaching every day. You will meet with your coach individually or collectively for daily feedback and support. You will meet with your colleagues and directors every afternoon to continue your development and reflect on your growth. 


We provide hands-on, engaging curricula grounded in social justice issues. Students study topics such as the Black Lives Matter Movement, the Flint Water Crisis, the immigrant experience, rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and issues of identity and intersectionality.  

We provide two weeks of training, which includes four lesson rehearsals. We provide Common-Core-aligned curricular materials, including daily lesson plans, student handouts, PPT slides, and course guides, for all academic courses.

You will collaborate with your coach and department to differentiate the academic curriculum for your students. You will design your elective class.  



In a GT teaching fellowship, you are the teacher. From day one, you will greet your students at the classroom door and welcome them to your class. You will solo teach academic and enrichment classes. 

Your coach and directors will support you. Your experience will shape your career goals, introduce you to the rigors of a teaching career, and connect you with peers and mentors who will inspire you for a lifetime. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to pursue an education major or minor to apply?

No! Our summer teaching fellows come from a range of majors; this may be the first time you're considering teaching as a career. 

I will be graduating from college in June 2018. Am I eligible to apply?

You are eligible only if you have already completed one Generation Teach summer teaching fellowship. 

I am a high school freshman. Am I eligible to apply?

You'll need to wait one more year. You may apply as early as your sophomore year of high school.

I am an undocumented student. Am I eligible to apply?

Absolutely! Our summer teaching fellowship is not a job, and it does not require employment eligibility verification.

I am an international student. Am I eligible to apply?

International students are eligible to apply in cities where they attend college. Priority will be given to applicants who plan to live and work in the community we serve following college graduation.

Do I need to submit official transcripts?

No, please submit unofficial transcripts as part of your application.

How competitive is the selection process?

We select fewer than 30% of applicants. However, that doesn't mean we're not looking for YOU. We prioritize candidates local to the communities we serve. In Boston, we give preference to current college juniors who are interested in teaching after graduation with one of our Boston partners (Boston Collegiate, Brooke Charter Schools, Bridge Boston, KIPP MAMatch, UP Education Network).

How can I be a competitive applicant?

Read and follow our guide to applying successfully to GT

Can I submit separate applications to to Boston, Denver, Providence, and Western MA?

Please submit only one application. You will be asked to indicate your preferred city and whether you would like to be considered for other cities. High School Fellows are reviewed only for the cities where they live. 

I don't live in the cities GT serves, but I really want to teach. Do you provide housing?

We provide limited housing placements for students who have completed their freshman year of college. Fellows who receive GT-subsidized housing receive a reduced scholarship of $750.

What happens after I submit my application?

We will review your application and invite promising candidates to a Google Hangout interview. You will have your decision within four weeks of the application deadline. On average, you will have three days to decide whether to enroll.


Who are my students?

You will teach rising fifth-, sixth-, seventh-, or eighth-grade students from our district and charter partner schools. Our students enroll voluntarily and have a wide range of academic preparation. Learn more about the impact of our Summer Academy

What will I teach?

Every fellow teaches one academic class (math, reading, engineering, or social studies) and one elective class (languages, fitness, humanities, STEM). We provide curricula for your academic class and guidance for your elective class.

Who will my colleagues be?

You will learn and teach alongside 31 other undergraduate and high-school fellows from across the city and country, all selected through a competitive application process and committed to educational equity. Past fellows have described their colleagues as the peer group they had always wanted.

How big are my classes?

You will teach two academic classes of 6 - 12 students and two elective classes of 6 - 12 students.

How is the High School (HS) Fellowship different than the Undergraduate Fellowship?

The HS Fellowship offers you the same exciting opportunities as the Undergraduate Fellowship, including your own class, your own coach, lesson plans, and your own students. Uniquely, the HS Fellowship offers you the opportunity to think earlier about the experience of teaching and to return repeatedly as you develop as a teacher. 

What is the Rising Senior Fellowship?

College juniors are selected if they plan to pursue careers in teaching in a city we serve. We help you gain experience and develop habits for success as a new teacher, including receptivity to daily feedback, personal and professional reflection, and intense collaboration. 

During the summer, you will have the opportunity to be observed by partners, receive feedback on your teaching, meet other young professionals who work at partner schools, and participate in an expedited interview process.

Following the summer, we will support you in securing a teaching job in the city where you completed your fellowship.

Are there policies regarding work outside of the GT Fellowship? I am wondering whether I can balance part-time work with the demands of the fellowship.

The GT Summer Teaching Fellowship is a rigorous program that demands a high level of commitment, engagement, and preparation. Because your experience as a fellow and our success as a program depend on everyone's full investment, additional commitments outside of the fellowship are strongly discouraged.


What are the hours? 

The hours are 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Five pre-scheduled evening events extend until 8:30 p.m.; these events are Student & Family Orientation, Open House, Careers in Education, Ed Expo, and Wrap-Up Night.

Is there a stipend?

We provide a taxable scholarship to help cover living expenses for students who do not have summer internship funding from their colleges or high schools. The scholarship is $1,800 for the 6-week Boston fellowship or $2,000 for the 7-week Denver, Providence, or Western MA fellowship. You will receive the scholarship in three payments, distributed directly to your bank account. Fellows who receive GT-subsidized housing receive a reduced scholarship of $750. 

Where is the program located?

Our programs are hosted by our district and/or charter partners, including Boston charter schools, Denver Public Schools, Holyoke Public Schools, and Providence Public Schools.

Do you provide housing?

We provide a limited number of housing placements for Teaching Fellows who have completed at least one year of college. If you indicate on your application that you need housing and you are accepted into the fellowship, we will provide your housing. Fellows who receive GT housing receive a reduced scholarship of $750.

Can you tell me more about GT housing?

GT secures group housing and assigns roommates and/or apartment-mates based on surveyed living preferences (messy vs. neat, night owl vs. early bird, etc.). Housing is available the Sunday before the fellowship begins until the Saturday after the fellowship ends. 

Boston GT housing is located at Northeastern University. Two fellows share each bedroom; four fellows share each air-conditioned apartment with a communal bathroom, kitchen, and living area. Housing is walking distance to a T station. Parking is extremely expensive; we recommend using public transportation. Wifi is free; laundry facilities are available for a small fee. 

Denver GT housing is located at Campus Village Housing. Four fellows share each apartment; apartments are air-conditioned and have four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a common living area. Parking is available for approximately $110 for the duration of the fellowship. Wifi and use of washers and dryers are free.

If you fly into Boston, Denver, Providence, or Western MA, you are responsible for your transportation between the airport and housing. We encourage fellows to travel together to their school site each day. 

My college offers summer internship funding. Can GT sign my paperwork to confirm I have completed the program and met the requirements?

Yes! We are happy to help you with your paperwork. GT will not duplicate external funding, but we are happy to support you in securing a larger scholarship from another source.